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Confection of all types of nets


Aluminium fittings for the assembling of tubes.
Our aluminium fittings are economical, convertible and for round tubes.

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  • Aluminium fittings
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    Description :
    Aluminium fittings for the assembling of tubes cage structure and jonction with tunnel structure. Our aluminium fittings are used to obtain cleaner results, faster seamless and are removable.

    Raw material :

    Dimensions :
    Fittings Ø33mm.

    Fixation :
    Easy, quick, strong and removable fittings.


    The assembly of the references RC2, RC4,
    RAC 90°, RACT and RAC Star
    require only 2 types of pieces :
    MM Ø33 and LMM Ø33 ;
    By assembling them by 4 at the level of "ears" and modifying the combination.